Nomi Sparks (morninghood) wrote in backalley,
Nomi Sparks

Traniwreck: Midsummer Mayhem

And we'll finally answer the question you've all been dying to ask - Is Nomi a Man, or a Woman (or a Man?)

Monday August 7, 2006
doors: 9pm, show: 10 - midnight, drinks after: usually at Flash's
21+ $6
Jacque's Cabaret
79 Broadway Street at the edge of the theater district right behind the
Radisson Hotel. for more info

Heywood Wakefield is MIA. Nobody knows if he has been abducted, ran off
to a fat farm, is hiding from his ex-wife's lawyers or just is on a
weekend bender. It is up to the cast to go on without him!

Out of retirement after a 20 year tour of the country's finest
sanitoriums comes Miss Georgette to save the day! Will she be able to
hold it together or will her prescription cocktail reek havoc on the
already shaky situation? (Men in the audience should watch their
wallets, their drinks, and the zippers on their pants, just in case.)
Will Katya stick around now that she is legal, and just what happened
between her and those INS agents? Is Nomi a man or a woman or a man?
Which West is which? And which one is single? And where in the hell is
Nicholle Pride???? Who are these two freaks, "Becca" and "Frieda"?

TraniWreck provides Boston the best tranny, trashy, glam, punk, drag,
(high) femme, schlocky, avant garde, on the edge performance from local
performers as well as some of the best cabaret performers from around
the world. Prepare for an amazing show brought to you by the letter T
and this season's cast:

Miss Nicholle Pride (feminist superhero)
Nomi Sparks (genderbending high concept freakster)
Ben Mauer (aka Vizible Gayze, our spot light boy who can't stay off the
Yekaterina Petrovna Zamolodchikova (aka Katya...the secret Russian
Myles West/Kerewin West/Hothead Hutton (two boys and a girl all from
same pint sized performance artist Alisia Waller)
and of course, Heywood Wakefield, in absentia.
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