Priss (heavens_day) wrote in backalley,

Just a bit of silliness, really...

Hello, my name is Priss and i'm not an alcoholic! :P
Anywho, I was looking for some tips on the application of Clown make-up, but apparently there aren't many communities for Clowns, unless they're hate-communities!.  This seems to be the best (at least that I saw). 

Now, my question.  Why kind of products are you all using to acheive a white face?
I've been using Mehron Clown White Foundation, which I like alot, but it fades after a few minutes, which is why I use a powder called Virgin by Manic Panic to set the powder.  I've since ran out of Virgin, and was looking to by Mehron's Colorset Face Powder.  Can this be used to get a good lasting white face, in combination with the Clown white Foundation?  When I used my previous combination my face lasted all night.

Thanks, for any tips or anything!
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