Nomi Sparks (morninghood) wrote in backalley,
Nomi Sparks

Circus Berzerkus - See me Clowning Around!!!

Saturday, July 22nd, 8PM

An evening of performing, trapezing, miming, hula-hooping mayhem to benefit the non-profit organization iKatun and the Institute for Infinitely Small Things.
Requested Donation

Sliding scale - $10 - $25+.

Waltham Mills Artist Studios, 4th Floor Loft
144 Moody Street
Waltham, MA 02453

Take Commuter rail from Porter Sq. T stop to Waltham station or Bus 70/70A from Central Sq., Cambridge, to Central Sq., Waltham. Call 617-501-2441 for other directions or if you get lost.

The packed line-up includes:

Markus Surrealius (host)
Liza (stiltwalker)
Miss Dominika K (baton-twirler)
Alex the Jester
Ragdoll the Clown (YOURS TRUELY!!!)
Galaxy Girls (hula hooping madness)
Ian Thal (mime)
Black Cat Burlesque
The Steamy Bohemians Jerkus Circus
Johnny Blazes (performer extraordinaire)
The Buriers (musical delight)
The Psychic Mermaids (fortune-tellers from the sea)
Andrew Anselmo (origami performer)

And more (tumblers, aerialists, circus bands) to come!!!
Your money goes to good use

All of your money goes to funding projects by the Institute for Infinitely Small Things such as renaming the city of Cambridge, finding free things to do in commercial spaces, and performing corporate commands.

Your money also helps iKatun present socially-engaged artists working at the intersection of experimental art, performance, and geography via conferences such as Conflux (Brooklyn, September 2006) and the International Conference on Standing (Northeastern U., April 2007).

Your contribution is tax-deductible.

Questions? Want to volunteer? Contact Jimmy Mayhem at

The Institute for Infinitely Small Things is a research organization whose mission is to invent and distribute new practices of political engagement in everyday life. Current research interests include: performing corporate language in public space, creating definitions of cartography, destabilizing consumer architectures, hacking maps and lying to people about art.

iKatun's mission is to foster and develop temporary communities that experiment with art, geography and political engagement in everyday life. iKatun provides fiscal sponsorship to artists, produces experimental educational gatherings such as conferences, walks and reading groups, and conducts field research with the Institute for Infinitely Small Things. iKatun is a 501(c)3 organization based in Boston, MA.
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