Nomi Sparks (morninghood) wrote in backalley,
Nomi Sparks

DIVA @Jerkus Circus Thursday!

DIVA's Last Dance

An original performance-art-dance-theatre piece evoking love & longing & and the creatures who emerges from their beautiful petals.

Set to "Lucia di Lammermoor" (the last dance of the diva, from the movie The Fifth Element), DIVA Dance-Theatre makes it's debut performance on Ralph's beautiful old-style vaudville stage, with it's lovely hosts, the Steamy Bohemians.

Conceived by Naomi Bennett
Choreographed by Alisia L. L. Waller
Costumes by Jen Charnley
Performed by Jen Charnely & Naomi Bennett

Thursday, March 16th
9pm, 21+/$7 ($5 w/student I.D.)

Ralph's Chadwick Square Diner
148 Grove Street
Worcester, MA

Nomi Sparks
Steamy Bohemians
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